Friday, 31 January 2014

A Trip to the Hairdresser's

My hair was getting long and scraggly. I was tired of it always being in my face, so I was very excited when Mum rang up for hair appointments. I decided I wanted my hair to be cut short, like my big sisters'.

"You will have your hair cut on Wednesday," Mum told us.

Wednesday dawned. I hurried to finish my jobs before we had to go out.

"Time to go!" Mum called.

I grabbed my shoes and ran for the front door.

The hairdresser's is not very far away. We could walk there in a few minutes, but we were running a bit late so we took the car.

Mum drove down the road, turned a corner, crossed the bridge, went down another street and parked across the road from the hairdresser's.

Soon Charlotte, Gemma-Rose, Mum and I were entering the hairdresser's .

"Hello!" the hairdresser said. "Who's first?"

Gemma-Rose stepped forward excited. She loves getting hair cuts. Gemma-Rose only wanted a trim. She is growing her hair.

"Wow, your hair is thick," the hairdresser said. She says that every time we go. All of us girls have very thick hair.

I waited for my go impatiently. It didn't take very long for the hairdresser to be finished with Gemma-Rose and soon I was walking over for my own haircut.

I sat down on the twirly seat and the hairdresser put a black cape around my shoulders to stop all the hair falling onto my clothes.

"How much would you like off?" the hairdresser asked.

"I would like it above my shoulders," I replied.

"Do you want to be able to tie it back?" 

"Not really. I don't normally bother with ponytails," I told her.

The hairdresser started to cut my hair. I watched my hair fall everywhere. I couldn't believe how much she was cutting off. Would I have any hair left?

The hairdresser was very quick and before I knew it she was looking for the hand mirror to show me the back of my head. Then I looked into the big mirror. I beamed. My hair was perfect!

Charlotte went next. "Could I have my hair cut like Sophie's?" she asked. I grinned. We would be twins.

The hairdresser got to work. Very soon Charlotte was smiling too. She looked really pretty.

When we left the salon, our necks were much cooler, but the hairdresser's floor was covered in our hair. (It's such a pity hair cuttings aren't useful.) The hairdresser would have a hard time cleaning up.

"That length hair suits you," Mum said. I grinned yet again. I like it a lot better than the length it was before. It is so much easier to look after.

What length hair do you have?


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! You can really see its good condition and thickness in that photo. My hair is very long. We don't get to the hairdressers nearly often enough!

    1. Thank you. When I was little I always wanted long hair, but after a little while of growing it I decided it was too hard to look after.

  2. It looks nice! I'm currently growing my hair out.
    You know, the hair cuttings could be useful! You could send it into some wig place for people with cancer or something.

    1. Thank you!
      The only problem is the cuttings aren't long enough. They don't want tiny bits of hair.