Monday, 13 January 2014

Felicity, Callum, Imogen and Charlotte Sing 'The Leaving of Liverpool'

In my cupboard is a basket, and inside that basket are dozens of mini- cassettes. They are camcorder cassettes, full of happy memories of special family moments. I’m not sure exactly what's on each cassette. Birthdays, Christmases, first steps… stuff like that. I’ve never actually watched any of my videos. They need uploading to my computer and burning to DVD and somehow I’ve never got around to doing that. But I have decided it’s time to get my videos into some kind of order. I want to watch them!

Yesterday I chose a random cassette from the pile and uploaded it. Then I watched the video and I got a lovely surprise.  Felicity phoned home this afternoon and I told her all about it.

“Guess what I found on one of my camcorder cassettes? Do you remember singing The Leaving of Liverpool with Callum, Imogen and Charlotte at a homeschooling camp years ago?”

Felicity did remember.

“I’ll upload the video to Youtube and put it on our blog,” I said. “Then you can see it.”

So that’s what I’m doing. Perhaps you’d like to see it too. Be warned though, the quality of filming is terrible. There’s lots of jerky zooming in and out. You might feel sea-sick by the time the video comes to an end. Somebody did an awful job with the camera. (me!) But the singing is good.

I filmed that performance in April 2005. All the children have changed so much since then. Callum was just a young boy. I bet he sang alto in those days, certainly not bass like he does now. Imogen had glasses. Charlotte looked so very cute. She must have been about 7 or 8 years old.  Felicity had light brown hair! Listening to the song, I remember how Felicity and Imogen especially, liked singing together.

Have I tempted you to take a look? I hope so. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks, I was brought back to my own childhood. Our neghbours had a band called Black velvet band, where they sang Leaving of Liverpool and other Irish tunes. We often joined. It's one of the first tunes I ever played on my new guitar.

    1. Uglemor,

      My children learnt quite a few Irish songs to sing together. They thought it would be wonderful to have a guitar accompaniment so Callum decided to buy one and learn how to play it. Unlike you, he didn't actually succeed unfortunately. Thank you for watching!

  2. I really enjoyed this! They sang wonderfully together, and I am amazed that this came from a VHS tape.... it looks so clear!

    1. Nancy,

      The camera has a good lens so maybe that's why the video isn't too bad despite the recording being on a cassette. It does't take long for technology to go out of date, does it? I'm debating whether I should buy a new digital camera. I probably can't afford it but I'd like one because uploading the recordings is so much quicker than for the older cameras.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the song despite the terrible zooming!

  3. They have such pleasant voices and they do sing well together!

  4. What a treat from the past! I've so enjoyed all the Elvis musical videos, from the recent ones filmed in the Elvis household (complete with offstage percussion) to Felicity's karaoke number, and now this delight. What beautiful voices your children are blessed with.
    I am especially enjoying seeing all the photos and videos you've been sharing recently showing how everyone looked when they were younger. In the photo at the top of this post, C(10) and I both thought Charlotte was Gemma-Rose at first glance. Then, watching the video, I was struck by how much she also looks like you, Sue (lucky her ;-)).

    1. Lucinda,

      Sometimes I just can't be bothered getting out the camcorder and recording special moments but I should. It's so lovely being able to go back in time and smile over the past. It's a bit like flipping through old photo albums but even better.

      Everyone has changed so much! Charlotte certainly had lighter coloured hair when she was younger, a bit like Gemma-Rose's. It's funny how people from outside the family can see the similarities between siblings and parents better than the family themselves.

      I wonder if you ever make family movies. Perhaps you could share some of your own. I think it would be fun to be a vlogger (is that the right word?) and I probably would post more videos if I had more time to make them. Writing is much quicker!

  5. Wonderful singers you own Sue!
    Thanks for sharing this. You blog is wonderful. If I knew about it I would have been here sooner, except I haven't been on the computer because of a sprained ankle Rose got. Oh well!

    1. Mary,

      Thank you! Our blog is very new. I only created it just after Christmas day. My daughters and I all like writing and we all have our own blogs, but we've never shared a blog before. This should be a lot of fun. Thank you so much for following our blog!

      I have been thinking about you. I'm sorry to hear about Rose's ankle. It was good to see you have published a new post. I will be over soon to read it!

  6. Wow! I wish I could sing like that. It is amazing:) Cool post.