Monday, 13 January 2014

Dancing Galahs and Dripping Lorikeets

Hi everyone! It's really hot here - over the weekend it was in the mid 40's (celsius scale). My two birds, Clive the dancing galah and Leela the one-eyed lorikeet, were hot and bothered, so we put them outside in the breeze. They seem much happier outside, so I took some photos and video of them today. I hope you enjoy seeing them!

Clive, my husband and I bought off a lovely family who didn't have time to care for him properly. We don't know how old he is, but I think he's fairly young and silly. He isn't hand trained and has a tendency to nip people, so he stays in his cage, which is very large. I think we would work on training him more if we didn't also have two large dogs who think birds are fun playthings! 

He has really made friends with my father-in-law, and will groom his beard through the cage bars. However, he doesn't like Graham, my husband, very much and has bitten him a few times. I think he's jealous of the attention Graham gives me.

Leela is a rescued lorikeet. She was probably hit by a car, causing her to lose sight in one eye. Being half blind doesn't seem to bother her at all, though. She loves to play, screech and splash in water. She used to have a friend lorikeet called Loopy who shared her cage, but he tragically died about a month ago. I think she misses him. We may see about finding her a new companion sometime in the future, but she seemed content today to play alone.

This is Clive, my galah, or rose-breasted parrot. He's a very cheeky, friendly bird. We know he's a boy because he has dark brown eyes. Female galahs have red, rosy eyes.

Clive loves scratches and talking to people. But we have to beware of him, because he has been known to nip people unexpectedly!

This is Leela, my rescued lorikeet. She was brought into a rescue shelter with only one eye. It appeared that she had been hit by a car. I volunteered to take her home, and she has become a happy, playful bird.

Leela really enjoys water. She will dunk herself into any water we place into her cage, and has a cat bell that she will ring and toss into water as well.

This is Leela grooming herself after soaking herself in water on a very hot day. 

And this is Clive, doing a little dance for me when I sing for him!


  1. Felicity,

    I love your dancing galah! Thank you for sharing your videos.

    We must have been editing our posts at the same time. As soon as I published mine, I saw yours! It's lovely to have a meeting place to share our stories.

    It was so good to chat this afternoon. Thank you for phoning. Love you!

    1. One day I will capture a better video of Clive dancing. He is a real showoff, and will dance, bob and ring his favourite bell in an attempt for more praise. Thank you for commenting, and also for chatting. I'm finding my more light-hearted stories are going up on this blog now, which leaves my own blog a little more serious and thoughtful. It's a good balance.

      I love you too!

  2. How funny! Your home sounds like a very loving place, Felicity.

    I'm pleased I now know what a galah actually is. I'd only ever heard the word used in the slang context before, on Australian soap operas. Thank you!

    1. My home, which I share with my husband, my parents-in-law, our two old dogs and my two birds, is very loving indeed. I have brought home all sorts of pets, and my parents-in-law have been very accepting. The one thing they put their foot down on, was a snake. I desperately wanted a small python as a pet. My mother-in-law said a very firm NO! I guess I'll just have to wait until I have my own house - and then, beware! Creatures and critters and snakes, oh my!

  3. I just ran into this post, and am thrilled to find pictures and videos of my 2 favorite kinds of birds! They're so colorful and glorious. I am especially enamored of galahs. Their rosy color is so splendid. When I visited WA from my USA home some years ago, I met a couple who had a galah... he was in a large outdoor cage. They said they'd caught him from the wild.... and he could say a few phrases. I heard him say "want a strawberry," and was amazed that these gorgeous creatures could be trained to talk. !

    1. Hi Nancy! I will try to find some better photos of my birds for you one day! They are very beautiful - if quite noisy. I know Clive is capable of talking, because he's surprised us with speech before, but he seems very reluctant to use his words. Instead, he communicates through dance. I guess he knows its his best party trick, and he brings it out for all occasions!