Tuesday, 21 January 2014

In My Disney Place

Once in a while I get the urge to go to my Disney place. It’s a place full of princesses, magic, fairy godmothers and dragons. I have no idea what other people do in their Disney places, but Imogen and I write novels. We are writing our own fairy tale together.

It’s full of magic, has a couple of curses and a dragon. Most afternoons we sit down with Imogen’s laptop and open our document. Then we put on some Disney music, mostly from Tangled or Frozen, put our fingers to the keyboard and go to our Disney places. Then we take turns to write, with occasional pauses for giggling at what we’ve written.

Princess Rosalia

I decided to draw a couple of characters out of it so that we could visualise them while writing. So I whipped out a drawing book, found a pencil and started sketching.  Sometime later, we had a happy bubbly princess ready to dance and a hero to fight the dragon at the end. Other than small details such as hair or eye colour, Imogen lets me do whatever I want to the characters. If I wanted to give our princess pink fluffy slippers and a feather boa, then I could, though she’d probably request a sensible version as well.


We’ve always wanted to write a story together but this is the first time it has actually worked. Several times we have actually started writing a story but gotten bored before we’ve even finished the first chapter. This time though we are determined to finish. We love our characters, the plot is hilarious and we can’t wait for the dragon at the end. 


  1. They look amazing! How do you do that?

  2. Firstly I went to my Disney place, then I drew the picture using a pencil. After fiddling with it until I liked it, I added the colour using my coloured pencils. When I finished, Mum took the pictures with her nice camera so I could put them here. Thank you for saying they look good. I enjoyed drawing them and they have helped us visualize the characters.

  3. I agree with Hannah, your drawings are beautiful!

    Writing a story together sounds like a lot of fun - you sound like a good team. Maybe you will share your story with us one day?