Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Mother, Daughters, Sisters

It’s 7 am. I’m walking home from the park with four of my daughters: Imogen, Charlotte, Sophie and Gemma-Rose. We’ve been for an early morning run.

“Great work team!” I say. We all smile. Our legs are tired and we are hot and sweaty, but we did it. We ran laps and laps of our bush track circuit.

I look at my daughters and my heart overflows with gratitude. I love my girls so much. I enjoy doing things with them. We make a good team.

My thoughts turn to all the other things we do together like…  writing. We all write and we're all bloggers. We encourage each other. We read each other stories, and we follow one another’s blogs.

But one thing we have never done is share a blog.

As we walk along the road swinging our water bottles, I say, “How about we create a blog which we can share? We can all be blog authors. We could call it something like Mother, Daughters, Sisters.

“Hey! That sounds like a great idea!” My girls are enthusiastic about my new idea.

“We could invite Felicity to be an author as well," someone suggests.

Felicity is my eldest daughter, the eldest sister. She lives on the other side of Australia from us, a long way away. She’s a writer too. Sharing a blog will give us an opportunity to work together. It’s been a long time since we last did something with each other.

So after we’ve showered and had breakfast, I do some research. Is the web address available? It is! Quickly I secure it for The Team. I have created our blog!

“After Christmas, when we have more free time, I’ll design our blog,” I say, “and then we can start posting!”

Today I began that task. After several hours' work, the blog is ready. It's not perfect, but we’ll adjust the blog design as we go.

“So what are we going to post?” I ask. 

No one really knows. We just want this blog to be a meeting place for all of us. Maybe we will share photos and artwork, videos and recipes, snippets of news and stories. We’re not sure.  All we know is we are about to set out on another blogging adventure... together.

“We’d better write a first post,” I say.

“You can do that, Mum,” says Imogen.

And that’s exactly what I'm doing!

Now what will we post next? Will you visit another day to find out? We hope so!

Image: Sue, Felicity, Imogen, Charlotte, Sophie and Gemma-Rose

PS: We'll have to write an 'About Us' post, just in case you don't already know us!


  1. Awesome! Funnily enough I suggested my daughters each blog on mine (poor disused thing) once a week for 2014 under their own names ... they were pleased with the idea too. This shall be fun!

    1. Loving Felicity's hair colour too~! Looks so good on her.

    2. Lisa,

      It sounds like we are both going to have lots of blogging fun with our daughters this year. I am so pleased your girls are going to be blogging too. I'm sure they'll enjoy the experience. I know we'll enjoy reading their posts. Tell them we are watching out for their first posts!

      I shall tell Felicity you like her hair. Or maybe she will see your comment when she discovers she is now an author on this blog! I really need to get her to give me an updated and approved photo to use in the side-bar.

      Thank you for visiting our new blog!

  2. Yay - hooray! What fun to find this wonderful New Year's gift!

    1. Nancy,

      A New Year's gift? You are kind! Some people would question we need yet another blog, but I am so pleased you think it might be fun. (Did you notice how long I resisted creating another blog? It's been months since I last went wild and did something like this!)

  3. Replies
    1. Monica,

      Thank you for your encouraging comment. Happy New Year!

  4. Great idea, I look forward to reading :)

    1. Kelly,

      Thank you! I hope we write something worth reading!

    2. You always do. God is good and I am excited too!