Saturday, 18 January 2014

Sharing Books with Gemma-Rose

A few days ago we went to the library. I couldn't wait to find some good books.

"Sophie, will you help me find some books, please?" Gemma-Rose asked. I was bit surprised. Normally Gemma-Rose asks Imogen and Charlotte for help.

I smiled and pulled out one of my favourite books and passed it to her. "You will like this one."

As I looked at the shelves I found another good book which Gemma-Rose would like. I passed it to her and she grinned. "Thanks Sophie!"

I was soon finding heaps of good books for both Gemma-Rose and me. 

"I think that is enough," Gemma-Rose told me.

"Ok," I answered. "I will just find myself a few more books."

I looked into my bag and counted up how many books I had. I smiled. That should keep me busy for a few days.

Mum walked over. "How did it go?"

"Fine, Sophie found me heaps of books!" Gemma-Rose told her, excitedly.

"I hope you don't mind me borrowing some," I said. I was surprised again. A little while ago Gemma-Rose wouldn't have been interested in what I was reading, but now we seem to be able to read the same books, just like Imogen and Charlotte.

"We will have to start sharing books," I told Gemma-Rose.

She grinned. I felt like I had made her day!

It's good having someone to share books with. Do you share your books with anyone special?

Image: Me, Imogen, Gemma-Rose and Charlotte having morning tea outside the library a while ago


  1. Ahhh - you all seem to be book lovers like myself! I liked your "do you share" question. I do have a few friends who swap books back and forth with me from time to time. And your question made me think of a good friend I had when I was around 12..... we'd walk to the library together after school every two weeks, and each of us carried huge shopping bags to cart all of our books back to our houses. A good memory, so I'm glad you made me think of it!

    1. We all love reading. We never have enough books!