Saturday, 8 March 2014

A Nature Walk: Through the Gum Trees

We're off on another nature walk, together with Elisa of Elisa Loves. Would you like to come with us? This week you won't need an umbrella. It's an overcast day but the sun might appear, so smear a little sunscreen on your nose. Ready? Off we go.

Out the front door, and up the driveway. Turn right. Can you see the bush... 

... and the park ahead?

Sophie and I are hoping to get some good photos.

We've had some heavy rain recently. The ground is moist and there are huge puddles everywhere. Gemma-Rose stands in front of the clubhouse/ canteen. Can you see the bench to the right? That's where we collapse after we finish our morning runs.

"I'd like a photo of you together," I say, so Gemma-Rose and Sophie climb onto the playing field fence.

We leave the park. We're heading down the track and under the trees.

The girls race up the hills...

... while I linger to take photos of leaves and bark, because unfortunately, nothing seems to be flowering at the moment.

Everything is green or brown, with splashes of grey. The air smells deliciously damp and earthy. My photos don't convey how big and beautiful the bush actually is. 

I walk back towards the picnic area...

... and at last, I spot a splash of colour among the green of the agapanthus plants.

I also spot the girls. They are playing on the swings. Don't you just love the expression on Gemma-Rose's face?

Gemma-Rose climbs onto the play equipment. So does Sophie.

"One more photo before we go home," I say.

Then just as we are leaving the park, I see some banksias in flower. They are one of my favourite native plants.  I snap a few more photos.

And then we walk home. 

I upload my photos to my computer, eager to enjoy our nature walk all over again, and ... I am a bit disappointed. I don't think I got the lighting right, and the photos aren't sharply in focus. Never mind. Next week we shall go on another nature walk and I shall try again.

For a completely different nature walk, please join Elisa on her Grey and White walk.


  1. I feel refreshed. I really do. I've needed this nature walk. Love the photos. Oh, that beautiful banksia!

    1. Nancy,

      I am so glad you enjoyed joining us for a nature walk. I nearly didn't post these photos, but I am glad I did. It was very refreshing walking through the bush. It's lovely you feel refreshed just looking at my pictures! I love how there is always something different to enjoy in the bush depending on the time of year. I especially love the bush when the wattles are blooming. As soon as I see those golden flowers I shall be back down the bush with my camera!

  2. Beautiful!! You're doing great with your new camera!! You'll get the photos you want, but if you're like me, your photos will NEVER be perfect, because nothing compares to the real thing. =) So, is it almost Autumn there? I still find it so amazing that we are on opposite seasons. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Elisa,

      You are so right: My photos will never be perfect, and I suppose I won't ever be perfectly satisfied but I'm having fun trying! Yes, it's autumn here. The leaves on the trees are changing colour already. It seems earlier than usual. Of course there aren't any deciduous tress in the bush so my photos don't show any sign of the changing seasons. Soon I must visit the lake with my camera. It is very pretty there during autumn.