Thursday, 27 March 2014

Bedtime Reading

It's bedtime. Gemma-Rose and I have a few minutes of reading time before Mum comes in to turn the light off.

"Gemma-Rose, I have a book I think you would like," I say.

Gemma-Rose looks up and comes to have a look. I tell her a little bit about the book. It is one of my favourites.

"Would you like me to read it to you?" I ask her.

"Yes please," Gemma-Rose agrees and climbs under her blankets.

I sit down on my bed and pick up my Kindle. I start to read. I am very careful to read slowly and pronounce the words right. It has been ages since I last read out loud.

Gemma-Rose is enthralled by the story. Every so often she cuts in to ask what something is. I always explain as best I can.

Mum comes in. "Were you reading aloud?" she asks me, surprised.

"It's one of my favourite books," I tell her.

"It's really exciting," Gemma-Rose says. Mum smiles.

The next evening when we are all tucked up in bed I bring out the book again and continue reading. I am a bit more confident and I don't stumble over the words so much. I am having a great time.

We are very reluctant to turn off the light. Gemma-Rose wants to find out what happens next in the story. "You can turn out your own light when you finish reading," says Mum, but Gemma-Rose shakes her head. She is tired. But she can't wait for me to read more tomorrow.

I can't wait for tomorrow either. Even though I have read the book again and again, it is still very exciting.

Do you like reading aloud?


  1. I love to read, but don't often like to read aloud. Some exceptions are the Bantry Bay series by Hilda Von Stockum. I loved to read with an Irish accent, and the family loved to listen!

    1. We love Hilda Von Stockum's books! I have never heard of the Bantry Bay series. I will have to look them up!

  2. I started reading a novel I'm writing out loud to my brother, Jack. I haven't the last few days though. I should do it again soon! He enjoyed it - and I did too!
    Reading my books aloud is also good because I can fix up mistakes I hadn't noticed before.

    1. Reading out loud is a lot of fun.
      Yes it is! I am always reading my novels out to Gemma-Rose.