Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Do You Know What A Chuditch Is?

Hello everyone! Did you know I am a volunteer with an organisation that rescues and rehabilitates native Australian animals? Every Monday morning, I drive to a little patch of bushland adjoining an industrial area, and I work to save sick, injured, lost and hurt animals. I love doing it. Sometimes I can't help telling everyone I know how awesome a job it can be!

So I'd like to share a bit about my experiences. I have quite a few stories, some knowledge, and a whole lot of love to spill out. Would anyone like to listen and share with me?

And sisters... yes, more personally, I was wondering if you wanted to learn with me. Would any of you like to learn about our native wildlife, and perhaps start to share in my own special interest? We could learn... to care for an orphaned joey...

...why it can be a real challenge to rehabilitate eagles and other raptors...

..what a chuditch is, and why there's a project at my workplace right now trying to re-introduce them to South Australia... to feed orphaned baby birds...

...why the woylie is critically endangered...

...or even why bobtails catch the flu!

If no one is interested, that is fine. I will find another way of sharing my stories. But I hope people will be interested in finding out a bit more about Australian fauna - because it is truly a fascinating subject.

So please, please let me know - do you want to find out about bush animals with me?


  1. Felicity,

    Wow! I would love to learn about Australian animals. I didn't know what a chuditch is or many of the other animals! I think I would love to work with all those animals!


    1. Hi Gemma-Rose!

      I am so glad you'd like to share with me. I was thinking that maybe I could write posts about interesting animals and experiences I have encountered working with wild animals. Maybe then you'd like to use those posts as jumping-off points to do some research of your own? You could even post what you have learnt in return! I could try and provide some good photos, and maybe you could draw the animals we are talking about. And if you ever have any questions, you would always be able to ask me, and I could help find you the answers.

      I think you'd like working with the animals too! Maybe when you're older you could volunteer at an animal shelter or a native animal park? They often allow high-school aged people to get work experience with them. Something to keep in mind!

      Love you! Felicity xx

    2. Oooh! I forgot to ask - is there anything you'd like me to write about first? Let me know, or I will just pick whatever comes to mind first, and we can go from there! :)

    3. Felicity,
      I would like to learn about chuditchs or why bobtails gets the flu!


  2. Felicity,
    Being a volunteer at an animal shelter sounds really exciting! I love animals. I would love to learn more about them. I didn't know what a chuditch was or that a bobtail could catch a cold before.

  3. Wow, this is interesting. From the Australian fauna I only knew a joey before reading this post. I live in Denmark - of course we have eagles and such, but they are very seldom seen. Please tell more.

  4. Sounds very interesting...there are several species I haven't heard of and would love to learn more :)