Friday, 28 March 2014

My Brilliant Day

A few days ago Imogen created herself a new blog. It is going to be about writing. We all sat down in the family room and started to discuss names she could call it. Some really silly names got shouted out. Imogen wanted the name of the blog to be about dragons.

"How about Gossiping With Dragons?" I joked.

Imogen, to my surprise, said, "I rather like that. Gossiping With Dragons has a nice ring to it."

"I was only joking," I said, not wanting her blog to have a crazy title.

"I think I will call my blog Imogen Elvis: Gossiping With Dragons," Imogen said.

 I smiled. No one had ever called their blog something I suggested before.

"You could ask Charlotte to draw you a dragon for the header," Sophie said to Imogen.

"Oh no, I wouldn't do that. Charlotte has already got three billion characters to draw for me," Imogen protested.

Charlotte has been drawing Imogen her characters from the story Imogen is going to write for Camp NaNoWriMo.

"I will draw you a dragon," I said, even though I thought that no one would want my art on their blog.

"Thank you. I am sure you will do a lovely job," Imogen said.

My eyes widened, Imogen actually wanted me to draw her a header.

A few days later (which was yesterday), I decided to try drawing a dragon. I sat down with a few pieces of plain white paper, a pencil and a rubber. I drew a full body picture of a dragon, a face of a dragon and a dragon in profile. I then took my drawings to Imogen to see what she thought of them.

Imogen had said that she wanted me to make the dragons look gossipy, so I gave lots of them long eyelashes. I really hoped they looked enough like girls.

"Oh these look good," Imogen said, looking at my pieces of paper.

"Do you like them with eyelashes? And the long necks, do you like those?" I asked.

One billion questions and answers later, I skipped out of the room to try drawing some more dragons.

I came back into Imogen's bedroom a few minutes later. "How do you like these?" I asked. Every dragon on the page had a long neck, short eyelashes and curly horns. They looked very girly. After I had made sure Imogen had praised them enough, I decided I was ready to try drawing the real header.

I got a fresh piece of paper and got to work drawing again. Imogen wanted two dragons on the header so that is what I drew. When I was done I smiled. Just the inking to go then Imogen would scan them onto the computer and I would colour them in using this program called GIMP.

"Hey, Gemma-Rose," Sophie said, rushing over to me.

"What is it?" I asked.

"You know the Rainbow Loom bracelets you put into the challenge on DIY," Sophie said.

"Yes," I said, eager to get back to inking the picture.

"They got accepted and featured," Sophie said.

"Really?" I asked, running towards Sophie's computer.

If your project gets featured on DIY it means that when people go to DIY, the first thing they see is the featured projects.

My jaw hit the ground as I stared at the picture of my Rainbow Loom bracelets. Sure enough they had been featured. Sophie gave me a high five before we went running to the big girls' bedroom.

"Imogen, Charlotte, my Rainbow Loom bracelets got featured," I shouted.

"Well done," Imogen said.

After lunch we decided we were going to film a video. Sophie and I had been planning to make this video for some time. Sophie was going to do the filming and I was going to teach all my 'adoring fans' on my blog how to make oaties.

I talked as clearly as possible and tried to look like a professional.

Finally the video was done and Sophie and I went to edit it. We needed to do lots of cutting and we sped the boring bits up. When it was done, Mum started to upload it onto Youtube and Sophie uploaded it to DIY for a badge.

In the evening Sophie made me a really awesome Rainbow Loom bracelet. It is pink and has beads in it. We watched Doctor Who before going to bed.

I had had the best day ever. It was so much fun

PS: If you'd like to watch my video, please visit my blog, Gebbles Writes and read my post Master Chef.


  1. No fair! I want a Rainbow Loom bracelet too! They look so lovely! I'm glad you had such an awesome day - please share your dragon pictures with us when you're finished. :)

    Love you!

  2. Felicity,

    Thank you! I will post the pictures of Imogen's header when it is done.