Monday, 31 March 2014

Super Novels and Super Heroes

Characters are sometimes really hard to imagine. You know what colour hair they have, how old they are, what colour eyes they have and how tall they are. You know every last detail down to what they had for breakfast yesterday but you still can’t picture what they look like. They remain annoyingly faceless.


Well I’ve set out to change that for Imogen. She is an amazing writer. She’s written multiple first draft novels and has actually been editing some of them. Recently she started planning a new story about superheroes. So I offered to help her by drawing her characters for her so that she can imagine them properly while writing.


Imogen doesn’t really give me much information about the characters as I already know them pretty well. What I am given is a reference picture or two and permission to go nuts. I get to draw pretty much whatever I want as Imogen trusts me draw her characters without supervision. Possibly that is dangerous.


I’m drawing her cast on the computer using Gimp and a graphics pad. My pictures don’t take very long to do, a couple of days at most, three if I’ve had unexpected setbacks, such as losing the entire picture. (That did actually happen once. I sulked for ages after that incident.) And as art is considered part of my education, this is my favourite part of the day, where I get to draw a world filled with superheroes and villains.  


The cast of her novel is rather large, with around ten important characters. It would have to be large as she is planning multiple books. I’ve completed seven out of ten pictures and am currently working on the eighth. I’m really enjoying the challenge of drawing and colouring ten different people with different abilities and different appearances. 

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