Monday, 24 March 2014

The Clouds Above The Dunes

So Mum has been going to many beautiful nature walks around her house. She takes gorgeous photos, and truly captures the beauty of the bushland and gardens, lakes and paths of the Southern Highlands. Well, she suggested to me that I could take some photos of where I live. And even though I'm no photographer, even though my camera is old, and even though it was unusually overcast for sunny Perth, I went on my own nature walk today. 

I don't live near bushland. Instead, I live right on the coast of Mullaloo, Western Australia. I am literally 5 minutes walk from the beach. And even though it is technically autumn, it is still sunny and hot here. So if you would like to escape to a pristine white beach, come with me! It's around 4:30 in the afternoon, there are clouds coming in over the sea, and a light sea breeze is blowing...

I take Graham, my husband, with me. We leave our house behind us, and start strolling along the quiet road.

It isn't long before I find some vivid colour - some bougainvillea flowing over a neighbour's fence.

We walk past the 12 or so houses along the street, cross the road separating housing from sand dunes, and get our first glimpse of the water. We can hear it, and even smell it.

Poor Graham had to walk really slowly, because I kept stopping to look at things. These seed pods caught my eye - all olive greens and burnt reds against grey rocks.

We walk into soft, white sand. It's incredibly fine, and walking isn't easy, but it is beautiful. I start snapping photos of the dunes, rippled by the sea breezes.

As we walked, we noticed the clouds rolling in over the sea. I had hoped to get some sunset photos of the sun setting over the sea, but no luck. I was too early, and the cloud cover too strong. Another day perhaps.

The sea here tends to be a bit seaweedy, and there have been quite a few reports of sharks cruising along Mullaloo's shores over the past few years, so if I ever go in the water, it is never above my waist. That doesn't stop it looking beautiful though.

The clouds clear a little as we begin the trek back to the path. I get this brighter view of the sky. Normally Perth skies are clear and bright. They are a brilliant blue, free of pollution... but also of much rain. We have just gone through a period of over 100 days without rain.

It seems hard to believe a plant could survive so long without water in dry sand, but here this one is! Again, I love the muted colours.

We walk back along a path in the middle of the dunes. You can't tell, but only a few metres on the right of this path is the beach. Only a few metres to the left is the road. But right in this spot it seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere.

Graham took this picture. Can you tell why? That tiny, tiny little dot is a raptor. It could be a goshawk, a kite or even a tiny little hobby. It's too far away to tell. We could see it hovering high over the dunes, balancing on the sea breeze as it searched for prey.

As we leave the dune path, I turn and take one last photo of the dunes. It's been a lovely walk. We've truly enjoyed ourselves. I hope you also enjoyed coming along with us for a little taste of Western Australia!


  1. What a beautiful place and wonderful photos! I so love the picture of the clouds rolling over the sea, I'd love to live by the sea one day :)

  2. This is glorious!!! Your photos are stunning. I am amazed at how many "moods" and colors of the beach you managed to capture in just one day. So refreshing to look at; I might just press my nose into the computer screen and take a big whiff!

  3. Stunningly peaceful and so beautiful. Thank you. A bit different from Amarillo Texas. ;-)

  4. Stunningly peaceful and so beautiful. Thank you. A bit different from Amarillo Texas. ;-)

  5. Felicity,

    The beach looks lovely!


  6. Felicity,
    The area where you live looks amazing! I love the beach. It must be amazing to live near it.