Sunday, 20 April 2014

Even More Easter Smiles

Every Easter Sunday, my family sings our favourite Easter hymn, By Your Kingly Power O Risen Lord. And every year I get out my video camera and record it. We have years and years worth of this hymn! Babies have been born, children have grown up, visitors have sung with us, children have returned home, and then left again... and still we are singing the same hymn. 

This year everyone sang the hymn twice. Once was just not enough! In the second version, Take Two, the singers split up for the verses: girls, boys and then everyone for the final verse. (I posted Take One on my Sue Elvis Writes blog). In both versions, the smiles are very, very wide. I actually think joyful smiles are even better than good voices. I can't sing but I can smile!

Don't you just love Easter? I hope you are all enjoying a very blessed Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter from the Elvises!

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