Friday, 11 April 2014

The Elvis Fashion Shoot

There is an air of excitement in the Elvis home. Something special is about to happen. The girls have planned a morning of dress-ups. They are going to have an Elvis Fashion Shoot.

Imogen and Charlotte sort through the clothes and choose outfits for Sophie and Gemma-Rose: skirts and dresses, tops, coats and cardigans, shawls, shoes and boots, hats and bags,...

... and jewellery.

The older girls suspend a couple of sheets in front of the bookshelf. The cats try and pull them down. They are ejected from the room. They come back.

New batteries are inserted into the pocket video camera. The tripod is put into place.

"Are you ready?" Imogen shouts. "Let's begin!"

Sophie walks into the room wearing her pyjamas. "Do you think it's okay to show the world your pyjamas?" asks Gemma-Rose. They are new. They cover her up. What do you think?

Sophie disappears and Gemma-Rose takes her place..

A hat...

A bag... What a star!

Charlotte, the wardrobe mistress, adjusts Gemma-Rose's coat. 

The fashion model giggles...

She jumps...

She's a blur!

Look at that smile!

A fur trimmed cardigan...

A flowery shawl...

Stop! Turn! Smile!

The fashion parade is over. Imogen turns off the camera. Now it's time to edit. The girls sit at the table, head-to-head around Imogen's computer. They upload the video recording. They open Windows Movie Maker. They snip and rearrange. They add transitions. They adjust the speed. They add some music and titles.

"Finished!" they cry.

Would you like to see the Elvis Fashion Shoot? (Apologises for the poor quality. I think we need a better camera!)


Music:  “B-3” (by BoxCat Games), (CC BY 3.0)


  1. What fun! It reminded me of playing dress-up when I was a kid, but we didn't ever do photo shoots.

    1. Stephanie,

      The girls had so much fun making this video. I think it's amazing they can record their parades and upload them to Youtube and share them with the world! Thank you so much for hopping over to this blog and watching the girls' video.

  2. That was absolutely fun to watch! They did their fashion shoot just like professionals!

    1. Monica,

      The girls looked at a few videos of professional models before they began, to get some ideas! They had such a wonderful morning filming. They still have a lot of clips left over which they are going to turn into a behind-the-scenes video and a bloopers version. Thank you for watching!

  3. That's sooo much fun living with many girls. I love this idea of fashion photo shoot and the close-up snap with the pretty smile is my favorite, although all snaps are really lovely too!

    I used to live with my sis and I miss mixing and matching outfits for sort of catwalk with her. :)

    Thanks for visiting my page and leaving a comment btw. My postcard hobby indeed earned me many friends from across the globe :D

    Happy weekend Sue!

    1. Maria,

      I have two adult sons but all my younger (living) children are girls. We have a lot of great times together doing girly things. The girls love having sisters. Sisters are great people, aren't they? I have two of my own but don't see them very often.

      It was very kind of you to visit this blog as well as my main one. Thank you so much for watching the video and leaving such a lovely comment!

  4. Wow! What an excellent photo shoot (and video!).

    1. Nancy,

      I took the still photos but the girls did everything else themselves (while I was busy writing A - Z posts!) I thought they did a great job too. The video quality wasn't too good though. I must work out some way of improving that. Thank you for watching. And thank you for your comment. The girls were so excited to see they had such encouraging comments when we checked the mail this morning!

  5. Sue! That is an excellent video and shoot! I followed over here from my blog and truly enjoyed the fashion show and shoot! I have to admit that I was pretty much raised by my father, and I was a crappy girl-child. We played lots of pilot-to-tower with his headphones and Air Force Bomber jacket when I was a kid, but I LOVED this! The personalities of Gemma-Rose and Sophie are delightful and their smiles are beautiful to behold! I must add too, that I am SO glad that cats "helped" as they are wont to do. Or "hamper" as mine does here. All the best, and you made my Friday! Love, Mary xoxo

    1. Mary,

      Oh you are so kind! I have been very touched by the kindness of the bloggers I have met through the A - Z challenge. You have not only visited my main blog but hopped over to this one too. Thank you! The girls were delighted with your comment.

      The cats... They always try and get into our videos. I think they thought they were entitled to use the catwalk! Cats are wonderful creatures even if they get in the way. We live in an open plan house and it's difficult to keep them away from the action. Maybe they will make an appearance in the behind-the-scenes video or the bloopers edition!

      I made your Friday? You made my Saturday morning! Thank you!

  6. Delightful! I can't believe it took me this long to find it! I've been looking on your other blogs. What fun! All the outfits were adorable, and the girls did a fantastic job. So Sue, are you going to model in the next fashion video...we must have a follow-up! Wish you didn't live so far away. I'd just love to get to know your girls...and you, of course! I keep telling my DIL that her daughter is such a gift. Of course, I love my son to pieces, but would love to have a daughter also, to do the girl stuff with. Have fun, all you beautiful Elvis ladies! ;) xoxo

    1. Patricia,

      Me model? Oh no! That would be so boring. Do you know some people actually blog the outfits they wear each day? And people watch them! I was discussing a similar idea with the girls. I'd appear and say, "Today I'm wearing a denim skirt and a white t-shirt." Then I'd appear again in a similar outfit and say similar words... and so on and so on... day after day... My wardrobe is rather boring! Of course it would all be a huge joke for who'd really want to see what I wear each day?

      I love girl stuff too. I guess I'm reliving my childhood and doing all those things I didn't actually get a chance to do, Dressing up on camera... so much fun! I hope you get to enjoy all these female things with your granddaughter. I can just imagine the very special relationship you two are going to have.

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment! xxx