Monday, 23 June 2014

Gemma-Rose and Her Impossible Pie

"Shall I cook something for dessert?"

"Yes please!"

"I could make an impossible lemon coconut pie. It's sugar-free."

"Yes please!"

So Gemma-Rose opens her computer so she can see the recipe. She assembles all the ingredients. She turns on some cooking music.

And then she starts squeezing a lemon.

She squeezes a lemon with all her might.

She looks up for a photo...

...and another.

Time to grate the lemon rind. Watch those fingers!

Wow! Watch those fingers move!

All finished. The pie is ready to go into the oven.

Some time later... Doesn't Gemma-Rose's impossible lemon coconut pie look good? I wonder what it tastes like.  I can't wait to find out.

You could make an impossible lemon coconut pie too. Here's some cooking music to listen to while you mix your ingredients!


  1. Replies
    1. Kelly, it tasted as good as it looks!

  2. What a cute girl!!

    I just happened to notice you guys had this blog. What a great and your girls. My daugher's (the one who is in heaven) birthday was the date of this post, June 23. She would be 14 years old if she was still alive. We celebrate her birthday every year. It is nice to discover this blog and the post written on her birthday as the first one I read.

    I might be rambling..

    Anyway, I will follow this one now too.

    (and p.s. I LOVE ThePianoGuys and that tune is abolutely fabulous!!)

    1. Virginia,

      This is our meeting place blog, where the girls and I can share with each other (and our friends.) We post a bit erratically, sometimes very often and other times weeks can go by without a post. But that's okay. No pressure!

      Will you think it strange if I wish your daughter a happy birthday? We remember Thomas' birthday every year and sing happy birthday to him. We are celebrating his life, despite the fact it was very short. Our children deserve a celebration of their own each year, to be remembered and included in our lives. Your daughter would have been 14 and we'll be celebrating Thomas' 15th birthday in November. They would have been very close in age. Prayers to you and your family, and a big hug as you remember.

      Thank you so much for visiting our blog and following it. We love having our friends come and visit!

    2. Thanks for the birthday wishes for my daughter. Heaven is her name. I named her that because she was heaven to me. It is not at all strange to do the wishes. We (me and the kids) have a celebration every year and do specific things to celebrate. My parents always remember and call. She is and always will be a part of our family.

      What day in November was Thomas born?

      Thank you so much for the prayers and big hug! You are such a lovely person and I am very glad to have your friendship..even if it is only online. I'll work with that. :)

    3. Virginia,

      Heaven? What a perfect name for your daughter! Thomas was born on Nov 9th. It's lovely to share our children. We are friends who understand each other. That's very special. I'm grateful for your friendship too! xx