Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Late Winter Walk Through the Bush

This morning, while I was running along the bush tracks close to home, I noticed a number of colourful flowers dotted here and there amongst the green leaves. 

This afternoon, Sophie and I returned with our cameras (and Nora the puppy) to take some photos.

I don't know all the names of the flowers, but banksias are easy to identify...

There are a few different wattles blooming at the moment. The flowers on this one are arranged in spikes...

An amble along the tracks where we usually run...

The day began with a heavy frost but it warmed up and the sun appeared about midday. 

We had a silly few minutes at the end of our walk, taking photos of ourselves. I propped my camera on top of a tall tree stump and clicked away... 

I finally got a photo of my whole face...

We then wandered down the road and in a few moments we were back home. 


  1. What wonderful surroundings to be running and going for a walk in. I don't recognize a single plant (except for some fir), but they are so pretty.

    1. Uglemor,

      I bet if you lived here you'd soon find out the names of all the native flowers. I must get out my flower book and attempt some identification. Yes, the bush is a wonderful place to run and walk through. The air is fresh and the scenery beautiful. It's just a little rocky in places underfoot!

  2. I think these are some of your best photos ever! You captured the flowers splendidly. Breathtaking.

    1. Thank you Nancy, I saw you shared the link on FB too. That was very kind of you! I was trying out a new lens. I've still got lots to learn about choosing the right aperture but I was happy with the colours!

  3. Perfect pictures! which camera/lens/aperture... how those mirages were made? *--*