Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Spring Walk and Spring Cleaning

This morning Sophie and I grabbed our cameras and walked up to the village.

We strolled along the abandoned railway tracks and past the old station platform.

We spotted a pile of corrugated iron. Could it have been part of the old railway station?

This pile of junk turned out to be a pile of treasure. Look at all these colours, shapes and textures...

We snapped away, taking photo after photo... and I thought about how I could use my photos as inspiration for some artwork.

When we arrived home, I walked around the kitchen...

taking photos of pots and pans and whisks and colanders...


and cupboard doors...

and a self-portrait in the coffee machine...

And then I noticed something...

All the shiny surfaces were smudged with fingerprints, and the hanging saucepan rack was covered with dust. 

So I found a bucket and filled it with water and climbed up onto the kitchen bench to clean the rack..

While I was up high, I noticed the ceiling fan was covered with dust so I climbed up onto a chair and cleaned it too.

While I was up on the chair, I noticed there was dust on the rail over the sliding door, so I dragged my chair over and climbed up and cleaned it as well.

Then I noticed more dust on top of the dresser.

But this time I closed my eyes, settled myself on the sofa and read a book. 

Have you taken any photos recently? And are you reading anything interesting at the moment? I hope you haven't had to spring clean like me!


  1. It's funny that you noticed things were dusty - I was going to comment that I'm impressed your cupboard doors are clean enough for an impromptu photo! Mine certainly are not.
    I love that there are so many interesting things to photograph, especially in the country. It looks like Sophie is really enjoying her new camera.

    1. Kelly,

      The cupboard doors might have been clean but most surfaces in our kitchen weren't! It's amazing how we see so much more through the lens of a camera. It really makes us look carefully.

      I got a bit fed up with photographing flowers (even though they are very pretty) and was delighted to find something different to take pictures of. I need to develop my artistic eye. I'm sure I miss lots of potentially good photos because I don't think around me in the right way.

      Sophie is certainly loving her camera! She has created a photography blog for all her photos. I wonder if your son might like to do the same. They could compare techniques, encourage each other and enjoy each other's photos!

  2. Great photos. Love the old railway!!

    1. Thanks Amy! I'd like to find out more about the railway. Trains haven't run through our village for many years, and they are not likely to ever again. One of the railway bridges was burnt down in a bushfire and it would take a lot of money to rebuilt it. I don't know if there would be much demand for a rail service anyway. We have three other train stations within 20 -25 minutes' drive. There was some talk of making the railway line into a bike/walking track. It probably won't happen but it's a nice idea. I love thinking about what things were like in the past. A bit of local history!

  3. Great photos! GREAT PHOTOS! great photos!!!! (have I made myself annoying yet?). Great photos!!!!! You could not only use these as inspiration for artwork, these already ARE artwork. The one of the piece of (wood I assume) with the round hole .... very simple... not only do I love its composition, I find that something about it is tugging at my imagination. What's just ahead....? I want to lean forward and peek through the hole. Or venture beyond, swatting bugs away as I slowly move through the grass.........

    1. Nancy,

      Annoying? Of course not! I could read comments like yours over and over again. You are so kind. Thank you!

      The round hole... Sophie suggested I took that photo. I have another one where I focused on the grass through the hole instead of the wood. It was another interesting view. I had to lie on the grass to take the shots so I probably did encounter a few bugs! I often look at other people's photos and then imagine a story to go with them. It's so nice that one of mine made you do the same.

  4. I love how you have such a great imagination for art and photography. I can't wait to see your paintings. Have you thought about playing around with photo editing with these pictures, as well? It would be interesting to see what effects you come up with! :-)

    1. Vicky,

      My eye for art and photography is nothing compared with yours. I am still taking little baby steps, hoping to get better as I practise. It's so kind of you to encourage me with your kind words. I do enjoy taking photos and drawing a few doodles every now and then, and it's fun to have a change from writing. I suppose art and photography, like writing, are other ways of telling a story. I shall try some photo editing. Thank you for the suggestion!