Saturday, 11 October 2014

In the Kitchen: Quiche!

It's Saturday so I say, "Shall we buy sausages for dinner?"

"No, let's have something different for a change," says my husband Andy.

"How about 'Stand and Stuff' quiche?"

"'Stand and Stuff' quiche?"

"I have a recipe. I found it online. It's very easy."

So Andy and Imogen start cooking and I grab my camera...

At dinner time...

"Ooh! These are delicious!"

"Can we have these again, please?"

Somehow I think we are going to be eating a lot of quiche...

Thanks for the recipe idea, Tanya!


  1. Mmm, these look amazing!! This post is making me hungry...
    Love your blog:)

    1. Lauren,

      The quiches were delicious! Thank you for your kind words about our blog. It was lovely of you to visit and leave a comment!

  2. Mmm, I love quiche :) We often make a couple for a beach picnic and eat them cold. Great photos too Sue!

    1. Kelly,

      Using tortillas for the quiche bases makes the whole process very easy. They don't even need pre-baking. I love cold quiche too!

      I have come to the conclusion anything is a suitable subject for photography. I'd love to capture a few more of the 'ordinary' moments of life, instead of just concentrating on the special occasions. I don't know if, in the future, I will look back and enjoy my quiche photos again, but I certainly enjoyed taking them!