Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Birthday Felicity!

We wish we could be with you on your special day. We hope you enjoy our birthday greetings!

With love from Mum, Dad, Duncan, Callum, Imogen, Charlotte, Thomas, Sophie and Gemma-Rose xxxx

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Even More Easter Smiles

Every Easter Sunday, my family sings our favourite Easter hymn, By Your Kingly Power O Risen Lord. And every year I get out my video camera and record it. We have years and years worth of this hymn! Babies have been born, children have grown up, visitors have sung with us, children have returned home, and then left again... and still we are singing the same hymn. 

This year everyone sang the hymn twice. Once was just not enough! In the second version, Take Two, the singers split up for the verses: girls, boys and then everyone for the final verse. (I posted Take One on my Sue Elvis Writes blog). In both versions, the smiles are very, very wide. I actually think joyful smiles are even better than good voices. I can't sing but I can smile!

Don't you just love Easter? I hope you are all enjoying a very blessed Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter from the Elvises!

Friday, 11 April 2014

The Elvis Fashion Shoot

There is an air of excitement in the Elvis home. Something special is about to happen. The girls have planned a morning of dress-ups. They are going to have an Elvis Fashion Shoot.

Imogen and Charlotte sort through the clothes and choose outfits for Sophie and Gemma-Rose: skirts and dresses, tops, coats and cardigans, shawls, shoes and boots, hats and bags,...

... and jewellery.

The older girls suspend a couple of sheets in front of the bookshelf. The cats try and pull them down. They are ejected from the room. They come back.

New batteries are inserted into the pocket video camera. The tripod is put into place.

"Are you ready?" Imogen shouts. "Let's begin!"

Sophie walks into the room wearing her pyjamas. "Do you think it's okay to show the world your pyjamas?" asks Gemma-Rose. They are new. They cover her up. What do you think?

Sophie disappears and Gemma-Rose takes her place..

A hat...

A bag... What a star!

Charlotte, the wardrobe mistress, adjusts Gemma-Rose's coat. 

The fashion model giggles...

She jumps...

She's a blur!

Look at that smile!

A fur trimmed cardigan...

A flowery shawl...

Stop! Turn! Smile!

The fashion parade is over. Imogen turns off the camera. Now it's time to edit. The girls sit at the table, head-to-head around Imogen's computer. They upload the video recording. They open Windows Movie Maker. They snip and rearrange. They add transitions. They adjust the speed. They add some music and titles.

"Finished!" they cry.

Would you like to see the Elvis Fashion Shoot? (Apologises for the poor quality. I think we need a better camera!)


Music:  “B-3” (by BoxCat Games), (CC BY 3.0)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Word Sprinting!

It's April. That means it's Camp NaNoWriMo month. That means the girls are busy writing novels. 

"Does anyone want to have a word sprint?" Imogen asks.

All the girls do, so they grab their computers and meet in the living room. 

"Ready?" asks Imogen. Her sisters nod. She sets the timer for 10 minutes. The sprint is on! How many words can each girl write in 10 minutes?

The timer dings! The sprint is over! Everyone shares their word count.

"Wow! You did well!"

"Anyone want to sprint again?"

The timer is reset. Another sprint is on!

Look at that lazy cat!

Look at those flying fingers!

Look at that beautiful sunshine coming through the window!

If you're writing a novel and your word count isn't mounting very quickly, why don't you find a writing partner and have a word sprint. You can even do it online!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Show and Tell, Episode 3: Favourite Movies

Finally I have made another episode of my video series, Show and Tell. This is my third one. It's about three of my favourite movies: Epic, How to Train Your Dragon and The Rise of the Guardians. It was a lot of fun to make. I have written a behind-the-scenes post about it on my own blog. Please read it!